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Anti Static Treatments Melbourne

ChemDry Metro provides a complete anti-static solution for your carpets. In today’s modern technical environment with a solid emphasis on OH&S responsibilities this process is recommended for all office and warehouse environments. Our anti-static treatments contain no solvents or cationic surfactants which cause sticky residues that pick up soil and attract dust.

What is the cause of Static Electricity in Carpets?

Static electricity is created by friction between carpet fibres and traffic, such as shoes or electrical field currents from electronic equipment such as computers. People walking over carpets can become charged with static electricity and experience an unpleasant shock on earthing. Another form of static build-up is induction, where a large electrical field can build up through the use of photocopiers, computers and large electrical equipment. Air conditioning and low humidity especially within offices and warehouses create ideal conditions for the build-up of static. While static shocks are not dangerous to your people and staff, they do present a danger to sensitive office equipment, which can actually be damaged by a static shock. Furthermore some people are more sensitive to static and it can create a sense of unwellness and feeling ill.

 staticelectricitymel1.jpg - large

What is the Solution for Static Electricity Removal?

ChemDry Metro offers a solution to stop this problem occurring. The first step is to deep clean the carpets to remove as much dust, dirt and debris build up as possible. Next we treat the carpet with an anti-static solution, which will totally minimize static electricity in carpets. Our Anti-Static Treatment is an economical treatment that works in two ways to stop static immediately and retain its antistatic performance and durability. It is fantastic for both domestic and commercial situations.

The carpets dry and are able to be used within 1-2 hours of the treatment being completed. There are no harmful side effects of anti-static treatments. For office applications we usually recommend to clean and treat after hours so the floor is completely dry by the time your office is back in action.


Anti-Static is a Great Preventative Treatment

ChemDry Anti-Static treatment eliminates the build-up of static electric charge that causes a startling shock when one touches a light switch, photocopier or metal object after walking on some rugs and carpets. This product is safe for use on rugs or carpets of all fibers and will not change their appearance in any way.

ChemDry Anti-Static treatment is most commonly used on carpets and rugs in computer rooms, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, motels, commercial buildings, stores, homes, etc. – wherever shocks from static electricity can be annoying or troublesome.

How Long Does The Anti-Static Treatment Last?

The treatment usually lasts for approximately 6 to 9 months, though in some extreme circumstances it may need to be repeated earlier, and definitely needs to be repeated after freshly cleaning carpets.

carpet-anti-static-t1.jpg - large

The Benefits of Anti-Static Treatments:

  • Our anti-static treatment inhibits the build-up of static and therefore significantly reduces the chances of your equipment or your staff receiving a shock.
  • The treatment lasts for approximately 6 to 9 months, though in some situations it may need to be repeated earlier, and certainly needs to be repeated after cleaning the carpet.
  • The process is fairly quick and is typically done outside of office hours.
  • The carpets dry in 1-2 hours and the office able to be used within an hour or so of the process being completed.
  • There are no harmful side effects of anti-static treatments.
  • ChemDry Metro’s Anti-Static solution is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.


Side Note: Microsoft announces that excessive static on your carpet can be bad for your computer, hard drives, printers and alike. Prevention will cost you a fraction of having to replace all of your equipment!


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