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What are the Best Carpet Cleaning Methods?


Not All Carpet Cleaning Methods are Alike


You do a lot to keep a neat and tidy house. You probably spend hours cleaning up after children and pets, which means you’re constantly treating spills and vacuuming. While regular cleaning is the best way to keep your floor looking new, every so often you’ll find that your normal routine just doesn’t get the best possible results. When that time rolls around, it’s time to get your carpet professionally cleaned.


Now that you’ve made the choice to bring in a professional to take care of your carpet, the next thing you’ll have to do is choose a company to come in and do the work. The marketplace is full of businesses offering different kinds of cleaning services, but it really boils down to traditional steam cleaning versus hot carbonating extractions. Here’s how the two methods differ.


Water Usage


Water is a precious resource. Sure, pictures from space show that Earth is mostly water, but only so much of that is available for drinking. With that in mind, it’s essential to choose a company that uses a cleaning method that cuts water consumption down to an absolute minimum. Traditional steam cleaning uses a lot of water to clean your floors, and much of that water is wasted. Hot carbonating extractions use the power of carbon dioxide bubbles to loosen dirt, which only requires a fraction of the amount of water.


Drying Time


Besides the environment, there’s a more practical reason to be concerned about how much water is being used to clean your carpets. Because steam cleaning requires so much water, your floors can end up completely saturated, and it can take days for everything to dry out. Since carbonating methods use much less water, your carpet dries faster, and can even be ready to walk on in as little as two hours.


Chemical Detergents


You obviously hire cleaners because you want to end up with an immaculate carpet. Some of the lesser trained Steamer cleaners get their work done by loading the water with chemical soaps and detergents. As a result, your floors could end up with a sticky residue after everything dries, which could ironically shorten the time it takes for your carpets to get dirty again. Instead of detergents, carbonating treatments rely on microscopic bubbles to remove dirt from the fibers, and the floors dry cleanly with no traces of residue. This difference is especially important for people with pets and small children who spend a lot of time on the floor. 


The Difference is Clear


If you’re spending your hard-earned money to have your carpets cleaned, make sure you’re going to end up with pristine floors. The choice you make could mean the difference between a home that’s ready to entertain the same day, or days of walking around on damp floors while everything dries. A little advanced research can go a long way towards a pleasant cleaning experience.

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