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ChemDry Metro
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Carpet Colour Repairs | Carpet Spot Dyeing | Bleach Stain Correction

Bleaching agents, pet urine, medications, acne treatments and some cleaning products can alter the chemical composition of fibers permanently removing the colour out of carpets. This tends to cause very noticeable, unpleasant lighter, white or yellowish patches that carpet cleaning cannot remove, simply because it has caused colour loss and is not a “stain” that can be “taken out”.


ChemDry Metro offers a specialized carpet spot dying service aimed at rectifying and colour correcting these problem areas and reinstating the original carpet colour. Over the years we have saved renters, landlords, home owners and businesses thousands of dollars in carpet replacement costs by restoring the original colour into the fibers of those colour-loss areas.



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Sometimes when the stain hasn’t been rinsed properly, the affected area can turn a yellow or pink colour.  This means that the fiber has been damaged.  In this situation, the objective of the carpet spot dying should be to make the spots less obvious.  Generally, the smaller the spots, the better the results can be.  The aim of carpet spot-dying is to blend the spots in, giving your carpet a nicer and more consistent look.


There are no guarantees on spot dying of carpets.  Bleach and urine affected carpets are permanently damaged and our service is the only alternative to carpet replacement.  There is an over 90-95% chance that your damaged carpet can be restored to a presentable if not totally corrected level with our service. This means, an unsuspecting person will not notice the colour-loss/colour match spots or areas. Our restoration technicians are experts in carpet colour correction and proficient in knowing what realistic results can be achieved and expected by the consumer.


Bleach in carpets can remain active and do further damage, possibly permanent.  Therefore we recommend when you experience these problems that you rinse and extract several times with warm water to neutralize the bleaching agents prior to our visit.  If you are unable to do this then please advise us of your urgency when scheduling your booking, so that we can attend to your situation promptly. 


When calling to schedule your booking we will need to know the following:

  • Roughly, how many spots there are and approximately what are the sizes? (ie dribble spots, coin sized blotches, hand size, dinner plate size, etc.)
  • What is the original colour of the carpet?
  • What is the colour of the spots of colour loss?
  • When did the colour loss occur?
  • Has the bleach been rinsed out?
  • If the spots haven't been rinsed, is the carpet due for a clean? - (ensure you speak to us before you proceed with any work as cleaning with the wrong chemicals can hamper our spot dyeing results).





Whether you are a renter trying to get back all of your bond money upon vacating a property or if you are a home or business owner wanting to improve the unsightly appearance of these marks, ChemDry Metro can rejuvenate your carpet for a fraction of the replacement cost of carpet. Carpet spot dyeing is a delicate process that requires patients, expertise and a good eye for detail, however once the process is completed, the carpet is useable immediately.


Spot dyeing is a great alternative to new carpet. 


ChemDry Metro provides a cost-effective solution to an otherwise permanent problem. Why not give us a call today to get those unsightly stains removed for good?  While we’re at it, we can clean and protect your carpet from future possible spills.

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