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ChemDry Metro
Head Office

Suite 1
21 Lindaway Place
Tullamarine VIC 3043

03 9310 5212

Chem-Dry Australia Network

Chem-Dry is the world’s largest floor cleaning franchise with 3,500 franchises in over 35 countries. ChemDry Metro Melbourne is your local Melbourne ChemDry and is part this world-wide group. Chem-Dry Australia is the National Head Office located in Sydney.


Chem-Dry uses all-natural, green-certified cleaning solutions and patented equipment to clean a wide array of floor surfaces such as rugs, carpet, stone and tile as well as other surfaces including upholstery and leather, serving both the residential and commercial markets.


Our network covers all the major cities in Australia. If you want to contact any other region within Australia, some of the websites are listed below (for a full list visit http://chemdry.com.au/997-2/)



Melbourne Central:

ChemDry Metro

ChemDry City

ChemDry Alpha


North West:

ChemDry Metro



Foster's ChemDry


Mornington Peninsula:

ChemDry South East

ChemDry Bayside


South East:

ChemDry Pro

ChemDry Diamond Clean


Regional VIC:


Northern Mallee (Mildura):

ChemDry A1


Wimmera (Horsham):

Diggers Chem-Dry


South Western/Barwon Area:

Southwest ChemDry


Central Highlands:

PK's ChemDry


North Eastern Area:

Chem-Dry NorthEast


East Central & Central Gippsland:

Chem-Dry Hillside


Loddon-Campaspe Region:

Rich River Chem-Dry



Sydney Central:

CleanDry ChemDry

ChemDry City & Metro

ChemDry Randwick



ChemDry Quickdry

ChemDry Austyle



ChemDry Austyle

ChemDry City & Metro 

CleanDry ChemDry 


Regional NSW:


Newcastle Area:

Chem-Dry Superior


Murray Area:

Chem-Dry NorthEast


Northern Illawarra Area:

Ace Chem-Dry


Far North & Tweed Coast:

Chem-Dry Far North Coast


Gosford/Wyong Area:

Chem-Dry Red Rose



Chem-Dry of Orange


Central Murray:

Rich River Chem-Dry


Southern Illawarra:

Chem-Dry Pro Clean


Southern Tablelands (Goulburn):

Classique Chem-Dry


Brisbane Central:

Alpha Chem-Dry

Chem-Dry Active

Chem-Dry Amazing


Southern Brisbane:

Southside Chem-Dry






Regional QLD:



Chem-Dry Vision


Darling Downs:

A+ Chem-Dry


Gold Coast:

Abco Chem-Dry


Sunshine Coast:

Chem-Dry Suncoast


Southern Wide Bay:

A1 Chem-Dry


Adelaide Central:

Atlas ChemDry

ChemDry Professionals

ChemDry Prestige


Northern & Southern Adelaide:

ChemDry Professionals





Regional SA:


Eyre, Pirie & Flinders Ranges:

Spencer Gulf ChemDry


Yorke Peninsula & Lower North:

Spencer Gulf ChemDry


South East:

ChemDry South East 


Murray Lands:

Riverland ChemDry


South Coast:

South Coast ChemDry


East Perth Metropolitan:

ChemDry Betta Finish


North of the River:

ChemDry Pristine


South of the River:

ChemDry Garden City




Regional WA:



ChemDry Great Southern



ChemDry Power



ChemDry North West


Upper South West:

ChemDry Amazing





Hobart & Southern Area:

ChemDry Advanced

ChemDry Magic


Northern Area:

Bluey's ChemDry




Chem-Dry’s service lines up with key consumer trends, offering a unique approach and a powerful business model:
Green, Eco-Friendly, Healthy: Chem-Dry’s hot carbonating extraction method uses 80% less water than steam cleaning, so it’s better for the environment. And its primary cleaning solution, The Natural®, is green-certified and does not contain phosphates or detergents, making it safe and non-toxic for kids and pets. In contrast, steam cleaning uses soaps and detergents that can leave behind a residue that can trigger allergies and attract dirt, and the excessive water used in steam cleaning creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
A Trusted Brand: Chem-Dry has built a reputation as a trusted, respected brand due to outstanding products, such as its Pet Urine & Odor Removal (P.U.R.T.) treatment formulated not to merely mask scents but attack the chemical bonds that cause dried urine crystals to cling to surfaces, destroying the source of the stain and smell. Chem-Dry also uses a range of solutions to clean tile and stone floors, returning them to new condition; has achieved the highest customer satisfaction and customer repeat levels in the industry; and has been Entrepreneur Magazine’s top-rated floor surface cleaning franchise for 25 years in a row.
Superior Technology, Training: Since 1977, Chem-Dry has been committed to R&D, which has enabled it to develop proprietary solutions and patented equipment that are the foundation of their franchisees’ business.

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