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ChemDry Metro
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Flood Damage Melbourne | Water Damage

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Support

Chem-Dry Metro offers a 24 hour Emergency Water Damage Service for individuals and businesses that have damaged carpets and furnishings caused by fire, flood, sewage, mould and vandalism. We currently assess and perform hundreds of insurance claims for some of the largest insurance companies across Melbourne and Australia. In most cases, you can nominate a preferred restoration company to supply the emergency restoration work through your insurance company, so why not contact us urgently today for the most professional and responsive service available in Melbourne?


Water Damage Restoration requires qualified professionals to assess and instigate the correct methods to get your carpets, contents and building back to a pre-existing condition. There are many causes of water damage to your property, and if left untreated these can cost thousands of dollars to repair if a professional is not called in.


We are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can handle the job from start to finish FAST! Water damage can wreak havoc on your carpets. From minor pipe leaks to extensive flooding from a natural disaster, your Chem-Dry professional technicians are prepared to tackle most water damage situation in hours , not days or weeks like our competitors.


Not only are all of our technicians IICRC certified in all aspects of restoration work, at Chem-Dry Metro, we have a large inventory of state-of-the-art equipment to help you recover after any kind of water emergency.  Our first priority is to protect your health and the integrity of the structure. We act fast to extract water from your floors, increasing the chances of salvaging your carpets and rugs, and decreasing or eliminating the development of toxic mould. Once the water is removed and the carpets are fully dry, we will deep-clean them to remove any bacteria, dirt, and residue, leaving you with clean, beautiful carpet once more!

Rest assured, knowing we have the resources to get your home or business restored quickly!

The good news is that in most cases of flood damage the area can be restored to active usage in a very short period of time. There will be a period of days where our professional driers or dehumidifiers will be left at your premises to ensure that all moisture has been removed from both flooring surface coverings, wood and concrete floors and the surrounding structures.


Once the job has been completed to your 100% satisfaction you will be provided with a comprehensive invoice. In the majority of cases you will be covered by home and contents insurance for flood damage, and therefore the repair costs will often be covered by your insurance company. If required, we can bill your insurance company direct.


If you are uninsured, don’t panic, we can still help you. Show us your lowest quoted price and if deemed to be a legitimate solution to your problem, we’ll match it!

What to do in case of Water Damage:

  • Safety First! If water is in the walls or ceiling, turn off electricity at the board. Remember … soaked ceilings may collapse and fall.
  • Eliminate the source of water. Know where your water “shut-off” valves are. If this is done quickly, it can help avoid major or further damage.
  • Remove personal belongings and furniture. Your furniture can bleed, swell and delaminate if left on wet carpet. Water travels underneath carpet several feet further than it does topside.
  • Remove the water!  Water needs to be removed from carpet, walls and floors and then treated to stop mildew and mould growth. With specialized equipment such as dehumidifiers and air movers these structures must be dried to ensure a continuing healthy environment.
  • Reduce humidity.  Relative humidity levels also need to be reduced, as secondary damage can occur to furniture, electrical items and other household items. If the drying and dehumidifying process is started quickly, damage can be minimized.

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Water Damage Insurance


The following information is intended to assist you in understanding the restorative process undertaken by our technician whenever Chem-Dry Metro has been appointed on behalf of your insurance company or their loss adjusters, to assist in the restoration of your building and/or contents.


Once instructions are received that your property has been affected by any type of damage caused by fire, flood, sewage and vandalism, one of our qualified technicians will contact you to gather as much information as possible about the incident and to make arrangements to inspect the affected areas. They will then write up a detailed assessment/estimate of the damage and submit it to your insurance company for review.


Once the estimate has been authorised and approved by your Insurance Company, our technician will follow up to arrange a time to commence or complete the necessary work. In dealing with the incident, and depending on the severity of the damage and/or restrictions or limitations of the policy cover, some or all of the following procedures may be followed as the restorative work is undertaken. Initial consideration will be given on emergency work to prevent further damage, the health and safety of you, your family, the restoration technicians, and any other sub-contractors that may need access to the property.

Emergency work may involve the following:

  • Application of anti-microbial solution to prevent mould and mildew growth and kill waterborne bacteria and viruses in sewage and external water incidents
  • Extraction of standing water
  • Removal of content items, if applicable, deemed to be beyond economical restoration
  • Moisture testing to determine the extent of moisture content in structural material, floor coverings and in the air
  • Removal of burnt/charred building materials and/or contents items dependent upon policy cover
  • Installation of drying equipment such as dehumidifiers and air-movers
  • Restoration Carpet Cleaning & Sanitising
  • A detailed assessment of the damage to the building and/or contents, following completion of the emergency work

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Standard Practice For Water Damage


The extent or amount of restorative work performed will depend upon the extent of the flooding.Any time flooding of any kind takes place in a residential or commercial setting, a drying and monitoring program must be instituted to ensure a full and complete restorative process is accomplished. Failure to do so may well create an environment in which bacteria and other microorganisms can breed, leading to potential health problems. Additionally, there is potential for additional structural damage to flooring, walls, furniture etc.  A Chem-Dry technician will meet with you and arrange a schedule to regularly monitor the reduction of moisture in the building structure and air.


Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to determine the exact length of time it will take to dry the property as this can depend upon several factors. These can include the depth of any standing water, the length of time the structure was submerged or wet, and the structural materials used, (some of which create vapour barriers that prevent evaporation of moisture). Regular monitoring will provide an ongoing record of the progress. It is essential that the drying equipment installed is used as directed by the technician, as the longer the equipment is allowed to operate, the shorter the drying time. You may be concerned with the amount of electricity used, so please note your electricity meter reading prior to the use of the drying equipment, as the cost of electricity consumed can be reclaimed.


Upon completion of the restoration work the technician will request that you sign off confirming that everything meets your satisfaction. This will enable the final report to be submitted to your insurers for prompt settlement.



After the emergency work has been completed our technician will, (providing you have the appropriate insurance coverage), assess content items to determine the possibility of successful restoration. Other specialists such as French polishers, electrical engineers and upholsterers may be required to inspect damaged items. This will be discussed with you by the technician or Loss Adjuster.


It is appreciated that affected items may range from floor coverings to light fittings and everything in between, and therefore a wide range of restoration techniques have been developed. Depending upon the extent of damage it may be necessary to remove items for cleaning off-site.


Once an assessment of the items to be cleaned has been completed, an estimate detailing items that can be economically restored will be provided to the Insurers or Loss Adjusters for their approval before we can proceed. Items that are beyond economical restoration will be identified and listed, and removed with your approval. Your insurers or loss adjusters will require a list of these items to organise replacement/settlement.


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 DO NOT WAIT!! – 24hrs 7 days 1800 75 31 30 for professional help.

Damage from the water and bacteria growth can begin within hours.

(24 Hr Emergency 0419 518 655).

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