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Leather Cleaning Melbourne

Superior Leather Cleaning With A Difference


If you’re looking for professional leather cleaning in Melbourne, ChemDry are the experts to call.  Leather furniture in your home provides comfort and beauty and evokes a sense of prestige. With a reputation for great durability and a long life, your leather furniture can be a part of your home furnishings for a lifetime. Don't let your leather fade or it’s appearance may deteriorate beyond repair. We understand, that sometimes these things get delayed for various reasons – and can often be left until it’s too late. We all know that leather is susceptible to scuffs, scratches, cuts, fading, dryness and other damage.  If you currently have any of these issues, don’t delay – we’ll help restore your leather back to its original condition, in no time.


Many cleaning products that are currently on the market are not suitable for cleaning leather.  In most cases, it breaks down leather finishes, promoting dryness and cracking. ChemDry leather products are safe and effective for leather; and have over 300 tanneries and manufacturers that endorse these products. Leather furniture is not cheap so don't take risks when it comes to maintaining proper care, regular cleaning and maintenance.   A certified ChemDry Metro technician can prevent any undue wear on your leather furniture and keep it looking great.  We are very competitively priced and offer a variety of affordable leather cleaning solutions to suit your individual needs. 


If you have any questions regarding leather cleaning in Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to contact our ‘award winning’ team on 1800 753 130.

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