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Leather Lasts With a Little Love


Leather couches can look and feel luxurious, making them a worthwhile investment for your home. But, years of use and abuse can lead to dingy looking upholstery. You can have beautiful furniture again by rejuvenating the look and feel of your leather sofas.


While natural fixtures are quite durable, they are still susceptible to wear. If you’ve had your furnishings for an extended amount of time, you likely have scuffs and small tears, along with a layer of dinginess. 


Is It Really Dirty?


If you use the sofa as a dining chair while watching television, you’ve probably spilled food and drink at some point. While you can usually quickly wipe up dribbles, foreign materials can still damage the protective finish. Leather is porous, so if you let liquid seep into it, it will likely create a permanent stain.


Then there is the hidden grime. All furniture picks up body oils, particularly on the head and arm rests. Dust can collect on it, too, along with dyes from your clothing. And of course, there is the errant pen or marker, which may or may not have been placed there by the kids.


What First?


There are some simple tips for how to clean a leather sofa. For example, general maintenance should include regular dusting and vacuuming, which allows the fabric to breathe. When it’s time for a thorough cleaning, you can start by vacuuming with a hose attachment to remove loose debris between the cushions.


Before applying any cleaning agent, check the manufacturer’s instructions. They can usually be found on a tag on the bottom of the piece. Even if the cleaner was given to you by a furniture store, you will want to first use it in an inconspicuous area. After washing, a protection cream may be added.


Is Any Cleaner Safe?


You may have tried a commercially available leather couch cleaner, but be aware that many products can actually damage your seats. Just as dirt can damage the finish, so cleaners can break it down. As a result, it can become dry and even begin to crack.


You may need a professional couch cleaner twice a year if the seating is in direct sunlight. UV rays can cause cracking, dryness and fading. To prevent future damage, experts recommend keeping it at least two feet away from windows and heating vents.


Cleaning couches and protecting them isn’t difficult. However, a professional should be hired at least once a year, perhaps more often if the sofa sees a lot of use.  


Is There Anything to Avoid?

Proper leather couch care is important to maintain the integrity of your furnishings. There are a few things you should shun in order to make it last. Some DIY websites recommend saddle soap or ammonia-based cleansers, but those can damage and discolor the surface. Also, oils and furniture polish can leave it feeling sticky. Products for car seats are not appropriate, either.

Leather furniture is an investment, and it can serve you well if you spend some extra time making sure it receives proper care. By rejuvenating the look and feel of your sofas, you can have many more years of enjoyment from them.

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