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Tips for Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Carpets


If you have just installed carpeting throughout your home, congratulations! Carpeted floors will provide years of pleasure for you and your family. However, carpet is a big investment that, like any investment, needs to be protected. In order to make sure your new shag, berber, or plush floor coverings stay in great condition and last for decades, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. Some steps can be done independently, while others will require professional assistance from a reputable and technologically-advanced carpet-cleaning company. Fortunately, both types of upkeep are simple and manageable.


First, to keep your carpet as clean as possible, you should vacuum between one and three times per week. Older, inefficient vacuums may do more harm than good, so you should be sure to use a modern machine with a HEPA filter. This will keep dirt particles from building up and wearing out the fibers. Vacuuming only takes a few minutes, but makes a world of difference for the life of your carpet and the appearance of your rooms.


Second, you should ensure that your carpet has been coated with a protectant, and that this protectant gets reapplied regularly by a professional service. Just like with your teeth or your car, outer coatings are only able to prevent damage for a limited time until they lose their effectiveness. Muddy greasy feet, stains, or spilled soda on an unprotected carpet can cause permanent damage.


Third, when spills do occur, you must clean them as quickly as possible with a carpet spot remover. Similarly to stains in clothing, if the liquid has time to soak into the carpet or if it is rubbed it, it will be absorbed. Be careful with using cheap spot removers, which may leave a chemical residue.


Fourth, and most importantly, in order to prolong the lifespan of your carpets, it is crucial to get them cleaned regularly. Grime and microorganisms inevitably build up on your floor, regardless of how often you vacuum. Our own bodies need to be scrubbed occasionally to cleanse us of dead skin; our carpets need the same treatment in order to last.


When hiring a professional cleaner, be extremely careful with what type of procedures they offer. Some companies can actually destroy rather than restore your carpet. Avoid methods that use soaps or detergent, as these can leave your floors sticky and take over a week to fully dry. Soapy residue is unpleasant on your feet yet attractive to dirt, causing it to stick. Mould may also start to grow if the drying is not completed properly. Additionally, it is valuable to keep your carpet free of harsh chemicals that damage the fibers.


Overall, a carpet needs to be cared for like an appliance or a car. As a homeowner, you have responsibility, but also power. You can greatly prolong the life of your carpet with these few simple steps.



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