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6 Valuable Tips to Maintaining Your Rug


Once you’ve invested in a gorgeous new oriental rug, you want to be sure that you can continue to enjoy its beauty for many years to come. Fortunately, by following a few simple everyday maintenance tips as well as committing to professional oriental rug cleaning, you can safeguard your purchase. Put these tips into practice today and investigate your options for rug cleaning in Melbourne so that you’ll have everything lined up for your rug care.


Get to Know Your Rug - Know what type of fibers make up your rug and learn how to properly care for them. Unlike common wall-to-wall carpeting, many fine rugs are made with natural fibers like wools, jute, and silk. A good source of information is rug cleaner websites. Search online for rug cleaning in Melbourne to learn tips and tricks tailored to oriental rug cleaning. 

Choose a High-quality Backing - Don’t settle for a cheap backing material. Instead, select a high quality backing designed for oriental rugs. Rug backings made from natural fibers will hold up better than those made from the synthetic backing fabrics commonly used for carpet. 

Consider Placement - As you consider where to put your beautiful new rug, think about the conditions specific to that room or area. A water-prone basement would not be the best choice. Instead, you might want to choose an upstairs room to showcase your rug. 

Avoid Common Causes for Damage- When it comes to water damage, potted plants are a major culprit. To avoid problems, never place potted plants directly on your rug. If possible, place them in areas of the room that are not directly on the rug. If you do put them on the rug, make sure you have a wide saucer underneath the pot and a small table or stand under the plant. In the case of water damage, be sure to remove the rug promptly and contact a professional rug cleaner immediately.

Moth damage is another concern. Although flying moths won’t actually eat your rugs, they could lay hundreds of eggs. As those eggs hatch, the larvae will consume wool and silk fibers. Vacuum regularly to eliminate any eggs that may be in the rug. 

Treat Stains Promptly - Stains and spills are almost unavoidable. Life is usually a little too messy to maintain strict no food or drink rules. Whether you see a sauce-covered meatball bouncing across your floor or dive to catch a tipped wine glass filled with red wine, don’t panic.

Invest in Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning - Don’t forget regular cleaning. Although you can do a lot day to day to care for your floors, investing in professional rug cleaning in Melbourne will extend the life and beauty of your rug. By sending your rug in to a specialized rug cleaner, you can ensure that they will use processes designed for fine rugs. Oriental rug cleaning uses technology that guards against dye migration and fiber distortion, while protecting natural fibers.

From avoiding water damage to preventing moth damage, a little care and prompt attention can steer away disaster. To safeguard your investment, research options for rug cleaning in Melbourne. A professional rug cleaner that specializes in oriental rug cleaning can help keep your rug gorgeous for years to come.

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