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ChemDry Metro
Head Office

Suite 1
21 Lindaway Place
Tullamarine VIC 3043

03 9310 5212

Need an Upholstery Cleaner? Chem-Dry Metro Offers Stain Removal Services to the Melbourne CBD and Beyond.

A glass falls, tumbling off the table and onto the sofa. You watch, horrified, as red wine suddenly splashes once pristine fabric. There’s nothing to be done. That particularly pleasant vintage is already forming a particularly unpleasant stain - and you lament the loss of both a nice night and a comfortable lounger. Let us spare you this frustration. Chem-Dry Metro provides superior upholstery cleaning in Melbourne and upholstery stain removal in Melbourne, helping you battle against all of those unfortunate accidents.

Since 2007 Chem-Dry Metro has served as a leading upholstery cleaner in Melbourne, providing families and industry workers alike with long-lasting results. Through dedicated technicians and superior products we’ve established ourselves in the CBD and beyond. Those needing upholstery cleaners in Melbourne should consider us for comprehensive protection and on-site support. Schedule an appointment today.

Chem-Dry Metro: Our Process

Upholstery stain removal in Melbourne is no easy task. There are endless factors from sticky foods to muddy pets to contend with, and battling them all proves challenging. Chem-Dry Metro has learned to overcome such challenges, though, by developing a unique cleaning process.

We utilise carbonation extraction, with microscopic bubbles winding their way through each stain and gently scrubbing it away. This process ensures that all unwanted oils, odours, and greasy substances are removed - without soaking the fabric in harmful chemicals or damaging the dyes. This makes upholstery cleaning in Melbourne both quick and effective. When considering an upholstery cleaner in Melbourne you may only think of same-day scheduling and a nearby location. Chem-Dry Metro offers more.

Non-Toxic Formulas - All of our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They utilise natural ingredients, adapting to every fabric and every home with ease.

Fast Results - Many upholstery cleaners in Melbourne rely on less-than-speedy methods, bombarding sofas, chairs, and more with endless amounts of steam. Chem-Dry Metro’s signature carbonation is more efficient, drying within mere hours and freeing furniture from dampness.

Protection Against Future Stains - Upholstery cleaning in Melbourne shouldn’t merely address current stains. It should also address ones in the future, which is why Chem-Dry Metro’s fabric protection products prove essential. These formulas shield fabrics from harm, acting as long-lasting repellents against liquid or natural oils. With these elements Chem-Dry Metro serves as a premier upholstery cleaner in Melbourne.

Need Upholstery Stain Removal in Melbourne? Contact Us!?

The customer is always right and, at Chem-Dry Metro, the customer always has a voice. Visit our Testimonials Page to read reviews from our past clients (both residential and commercial) and the success of our extraction process. See why we rank among the top upholstery cleaners in Melbourne. Don’t let a fallen glass undo your style ambitions. Let Chem-Dry Metro provide you and your furniture exceptional care and lasting results. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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