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How Often Should you Get Your Carpet Cleaned? 


For many families, carpeting is a wonderful feature of their home. It makes rooms feel cozier, feet feel warmer, and children feel more comfortable. But a big question remains about carpets: how often should they be professionally cleaned? To resolve this common query, here is a guide on how often to get your carpet cleaned.


If you have brand new carpet, you are in the clear for at least three months. Most carpet comes with an inbuilt factory protectant that will not wear off right away. However, with normal daily use, the protectant will deteriorate, and your carpet will gradually become soiled. All carpets require regular upkeep to maintain their look and feel.


If you have pets, you should get your carpets cleaned every three to six months. Pet urine odour will linger until it is professionally removed. In fact, the scent actually becomes stronger with time as the liquid evaporates and the urine crystals become concentrated. It is in your best interest to rid your home of the unpleasant smell sooner rather than later. Pets that are allowed outdoors can be especially messy; they may leave your carpet full of fleas, dander, fur, hair, and dirt. The longer these elements stay nested in the fibers beneath your feet, the longer you and your loved ones are being exposed to this unsightly source of allergies.


As recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency, households with children should also get their carpets cleaned every three to six months. Children are most sensitive to allergens, which often accumulate in carpets. Unfortunately, regular vacuuming is unable to remove some sources of irritation or sickness that can affect young ones. Children also spend much more time on the floor than adults. While at play with blocks and dolls, they should be in as safe and clean of an environment as possible, especially within their own homes. Additionally, kids are a source of dirt and stains in carpet. If you wait before getting these smudges and smears out, they may in fact turn into permanent stains and not be able to be removed.


If your home has neither pets nor children, you should get your carpets cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months. Deep cleaning will make your rooms look noticeably fresher and your house smell noticeably better. It will also minimize the risk of dangerous allergic reactions when your sensitive guests come to visit. Additionally, many of the leading carpet manufacturing companies require professional cleaning of their product every year or year and a half in order to keep your warranty valid. Without the periodic services of a carpet cleaning company, your carpet will not last for as long as it should. Cleaning protects you, your family, and your carpet, and should not be put off.



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